Fashion Nova buckle jeans look like a nightmare to take off after a night out

The Fashion Nova jeans
These jeans look difficult to take off (Picture: Fashion Nova)

Fashion Nova has released some new jeans which look just as hard to get on as they do to get off.

The Irina Buckle Pants, which come in black and white, are super skinny jeans with buckles all up the side – and no, it doesn’t look as though you can wear underwear with them.

The jeans have 14 buckles up each leg, and while they are very eye catching, we couldn’t think of anything worse to wear on a night out – just imagine trying to take them off as you stumble around drunk trying to eat the remains of your kebab.

No thank you.

The jeans are currently half price, costing $24.98 (£20) down from $59.99 (£48).

The buckle jeans
We’ll pass on these (Picture: Fashion Nova)

The Fashion Nova website describes them as being high rise with ‘slit sides’ (that’s an understatement), with a back zipper and skinny leg.

Oh, and just for extra stretch, they’re made with 5% Spandex.

So far, the jeans have had two five star reviews on the website – however people on Instagram haven’t been as kind, mocking them a fair bit for the buckle detail.

One person said: ‘The tan lines on these pants would just be over the top.’

Another said: ‘Take two hours to take it back off’.

Some people have been a lot nicer – calling the jeans ‘cute’.

And honestly, yes, they are okay to look at – but come on, imagine wearing these in a heatwave? We’ll pass.

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