BREAKING NEWS Cardi B and Anitta Have a High Fashion Meet Up

Photo: Getty Images

Ever since Cardi B and Brazilian pop star Anitta exchanged tweets back in July, fans have been hoping for a collaboration. While the combination of music’s biggest extroverts could easily lead to a hit song, they’ve yet to confirm a duet. Still, their budding friendship has already resulted in an epic fashion moment. When Anitta took to Instagram this afternoon to announce that she had possibly found her soulmate in the Bronx bred rapper, she shared an image that illustrated precisely why she and Cardi were destined to get along. Dressed in Versace’s pop-art Marilyn Monroe prints and a Gucci headband, she complemented Cardi’s equally outré Chanel catsuit and beret.

The image, which appeared to have been taken at a recording studio, sent social media gossips into a frenzy: Could a joint summer anthem actually be in the works? Whatever the case, their shared love of bold patterns, big logos, and extreme luxury made for a great style pairing. Even if they don’t end up dropping the song of the summer, their vibrant sense of style makes us eager for more twinning selfies.

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