14 Beautiful And Trendy Gown Styles For Lace 2019

African fabric that we can’t help but notice how trendy it has become is lace fabric, lace has become so modern and they are so many beautiful styles you can spot at weddings and traditional functions, these styles are adorable and we had to bring it to you, we have compiled only the best and we are still in awe at what lace can be don with.

These styles would be the reason no wedding invites would be rejected as you can’t wait to show off these fabulous styles and maybe bag the best-dressed guest. Celebrities are also in complete support of these lace gowns as most of them show off with it on weekends.

We have gathered a list of 14 beautiful and trendy style you can’t say no to and if you are designer, you really would find a style fitting for your 2019 lace gown styles catalog.

Beautiful Lace Gown Styles For 2019

Do you want owambe styles that are not boring? Here are the most beautiful lace gown styles you should make this year.

1. Blazer Top Gown With Waist Layers

Image: @jades_fabrics // Instagram

If you plan on a cute dashing style that is decent and completely adorably, you should go for this style, it really befits a lace fabric and also a style you can keep wearing for a long time and not get tired of, the waist layer can also be ignored but to make it more trendy hence the waist layer.

2. Petals Sleeve And Net Sleeve Long Gown

Image: @jades_fabrics // Instagram

One of the most loved styles in 2019, it’s a style perfect for simple and elaborate weddings, it’s classy and smart, something lots of people love in styles.

3. Quarter Length Gown With Cross Sleeve

Image: @taiwobankole // Instagram

Lace gown styles are becoming more dashing and fascinating, this simply chic style is practically jaw-dropping, we love the sleeve and the not too fancy look it gives which makes it just the right style for any kinds of wedding.

4. Simple Gown With Frills

Image: @emmanuelsblog // Instagram

We are loving this and this style could totally pass for a traditional wedding style, it’s simply elegant and fashion worthy and nothing can go wrong when you are wearing a style like this.

5. Round Neck Gown With Front Slit

Image: @stylebyejiro // Instagram

Elegant and conservative is the right word for this style, some slits can’t just be ignored and this style shows how beautiful front slits can be.

6. Off Shoulder Gown With Fringes

Image: @africanstyles // Instagram

This style speaks of its glam itself and we love the fringe design, it adds some importance to the style and if you want it simple without the fringes then do go for it as it is still going to be stunning.

7. Long Conservative Sleeve With Cape Slit

Image: @africanstyles // Instagram

This is adorable and not too dramatic, this should be the right style to have this 2019, it’s a style that would be in trend for a very long time.

8. Lace Gown Style With Frills

Image: @africanstyles // Instagram

Ever wondered how a lace would look like if you style it with frills well this answers some of your curiosity and we must say this is pretty and worth space on 2019 lace gown styles catalog.

9. Cute Conservative Gown Style

Image: @africanstyles // Instagram

A decent lace style that meets all your requirement when attending a formal party, it’s simple, smart and adds some confidence to appearance.

10. Attached Tied Sleeve With Simple Slit

Image: @africanlacestyles // Instagram

The sleeve is a fashionable and modern addition to the world of modern sleeves, it’s smart and you would definitely be getting all the right attention with a sleeve-like that.

11. Double Strap Lace Design

Image: @africanlacestyles // Instagram

This is elegant and exotic, we like how it’s not too fancy but can fit into any party nicely. Also not a bad idea for a simple classy wedding.

12. Off Shoulder With Tied Slit

Image: @africanlacestyles // Instagram

If you want a style that says fashionista, go for this style, you would surely love how comfortable and convenient it is.

13. Thin Strap With Net Frills

Image: @asoebi_styles // Instagram

We are totally floored by this style especially with the net frills that added some alluring look to it, lace fabric can be really beautiful with styles like this.

14. Simply Lace Gown With Rubber Sleeves

Image: @fathiawilliams // Instagram

Often times, we really want a style that makes it easy to dance at the occasion, then this is just the perfect lace gown style you want in 2019, it is convenient to dance in and if you have the right tailor working on it, you would be floored with the outcome.

We are sure these styles have given you all the confirmation you need on how desirable and beautiful lace gown styles can, you tailor would have no problem recreating any of these styles for you as they are simple enough.

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