Bernardo and Jesus reveal career dreams and jobs they’d do without football

2 minutes ago / ClaunicornX

Bernardo Silva and Gabriel Jesus have lifted the lid on their careers as they begin their quest for Champions League glory.

Speaking in Adidas’ On A Level clip ahead of their Champions League opener, the Manchester City pair discuss their respective careers and in a deep discussion.

Silva opens up on the biggest sacrifice he has made in his career, which included leaving boyhood club Benfica.

“I think it was leaving my home and moving away from my family and friends because of course I miss Lisbon,” he said.

“I have been away from Portugal for five years now and so I think leaving there to come by myself.

“But I don’t think about things with regret, there aren’t many things I regret but my childhood dream has always been to play for Benfica.

“So not being able to get into Benfica’s first team is probably my biggest one. But that led me to Monaco and Man City.

Jesus reflects on the difficulty of playing all year round, admitting he misses out on many special occasions.

“I think we miss a lot of special dates, birthdays, special days with family. My mother’s, brother’s, nephew’s, Christmas and New Year,” the Brazilian added.

“Here in England, we never stop so we do miss those special moments.”

Asked what Silva would be if he wasn’t a footballer, Jesus suggests a comedian before claiming he would be a mathmetician.

But the Portugal international has another idea, claiming he would be a businessman.

His teammate quips: “You would need a stylist to help you because your clothes aren’t enough.”

On the first person they speak to after a match, Jesus insists he is always in contact with his mother.

I speak to her the most before and after games,” he added.

“Someone wrote something actually. They said my celebration was to an ex-girlfriend because she was ignoring my calls.

“That is a lie. It is really for my mother.”

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