Coward fired gun at baby, blinded her – then tried to blame victim’s toddler brother

Tyrell Bitsilly, Shayanne Nelson

Tyrell Bitsilly has reportedly confessed to shooting Shayanne Nelson’s 8-month-old daughter after he originally blamed the infant’s three-year-old brother (Picture” McKinley County Adult Detention Center)

A man shot a baby girl and blinded her – then tried to blame the victim’s three-year-old brother, police say.

Tyrell Bitsilly, 21, was previously charged with child abuse after his girlfriend Shayanne Nelson’s 8-month-old daughter was shot in December 2018 at the Zia Motel in Gallup, New Mexico – but now Bitsilly faces additional charges.

Bitsilly originally told investigators that Nelson’s son found a gun that was left in a motel room and accidentally fired it. He has since admitted that he fired the gun, according to the Gallup Independent.

The baby girl was struck in the face by the bullet and was rendered deaf in one ear and blind in one eye, ABC 15 reported. She was rushed to a hospital where doctors put her in a medically induced coma.

Last week, Bitsilly’s case took another turn when police discovered that he allegedly arranged to have Nelson, 18, killed to prevent her from testifying.

Zia motel

Bitsilly originally told police that the he did not know the gun was in the motel room, claiming it was left by a previous occupant (Picture: Google Maps)

Gallup Detective Chavo Chischilly wrote: ‘Tyrell Bitsilly believed that Shayanna Nelson was going to testify against him because she knew what really happened that night.’

‘Tyrell Bitsilly also knew that he would end up in prison for 18 years or more.’

Nelson, 19, pleaded guilty to child abuse in July and agreed to testify against Bitsilly as part of her plea deal.

Chischilly also accused the Bitsilly of planning the murder of the paramedic who responded to the shooting, Casey Franchot, because he saw Bitsilly wiping his fingerprints off the gun with a rag.

Bitsilly has since been charged with criminal solicitation to commit first-degree murder and bribery of a witness.

His trial for child abuse is set for December 10. It is unclear when he is due to be tried for the additional charges against him.

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