What is No Nut November? #NoNutNovember

Man sleeps as woman in underwear looks on

Nope, not doing it. (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you may have seen discussions of No Nut November.

For any confused grandparents hastily ditching their plans for a nut roast for Sunday lunch, No Nut November is not, in fact, a plan based on dietary changes.

Nope, it is about wanking.

Or not wanking, rather.

No Nut November is an annual event that encourages men to go thirty days without ejaculating – or busting a nut, as it’s known, hence No Nut November.

The rules are simple. You may not have sex, masturbate, or ‘nut in any way, shape or form’. You may have boners, but you cannot come to completion.

The rules of No Nut November:

  • You cannot have sex, masturbate, or nut in any way, shape or form

  • Watching pornography and having boners are allowed, but you can’t nut

  • You are only allowed one wet dream. If you have more than one, then consider yourself out.

  • You do not have 3 strikes; you only have one shot at it. If you miss it, you’re out.

  • If you have passed the month with a total of 0 nuts, you are a victor and you shall qualify for Destroy Dick December (Not Recommended)

  • Look, man, just don’t nut in 30 days.

Why? It’s not entirely clear.

Some claim that the act of completing No Nut November is a display of willpower and the strength of the mind, inspired by the act of refusing to shave throughout Movember.

People are using the challenge to raise money for prostate cancer, so if you do fancy going public about your choice to quit masturbating, you can make your No Nut November do some good.

It’s also believed it may be a way to initiate yourself into the NoFap community on Reddit, a group of people who do not masturbate, ever. NoFap is often used as a way to deal with porn and sex addiction.

Then there’s the alternative view, which is that No Nut November is the perfect way to prepare yourself for Destroy Your Dick December, which works as an advent calendar meets the Twelve Days of Christmas. So on the 1st of December you come once, on the second you come twice, on the third you come three times, and so on until Christmas.

We would not recommend partaking in No Nut November or Destroy Your Dick December, as ejaculating has all kinds of benefits around mental health and stress reduction, and masturbating 25 times a day on Christmas sounds like it would cross the line from fun to uncomfortable.

If you are concerned about your reliance on porn or your relationship with sex and masturbation, the No Fap community can be a good place to find support, but it’s also worth talking to your GP about counselling.

If you are getting involved in No Nut November as a challenge, however, you’ll find plenty of support throughout the journey on Twitter, where people are using the #NoNutNovember tag to share their difficulties and successes.

One man even wrote a poem about the herculean task of abstaining from nutting



Bro wrote a whole poem about and I’m weak af lmao

Others are sharing the moment they failed the challenge

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