WWE Rights Its Wrongs with The Fiend Title Win over Seth Rollins #WWECrownJewel


The nice thing about WWE is it can always correct course and patch things over with fans.

So goes the story of the Universal title match between Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt’s The Fiend at Thursday’s Crown Jewel event from Saudi Arabia.

With one match and one unexpected win for The Fiend, WWE seemed to admit its mistake the first time around in the laughable Hell in a Cell main event between these two.

Coming out of that pay-per-view, WWE was a mockery for its foolishness on several levels. Rollins, after crying in corners and a ho-hum run overall, retained because the official inexplicably called off the match…in a Hell in a Cell. In the process, The Fiend sat there taking a beating and endless finishers before getting up unscathed…after the match.

Provided this was a course correction and not the plan all along, WWE emerges looking much better for changing things on the fly. And along those same lines, it adds a little more legitimacy to the programs in Saudi Arabia overall. Typically, these events offer big names and matches but had always seemed to exist in their own little bubble without a major impact on the normal programming.

Unless there is a stunning reversal in short order, this idea no longer rings true for the shows in Saudi Arabia.

The Fiend winning the Universal title does create some problems, but WWE has a knack for booking itself into a corner so this isn’t too much of a surprise.

For starters, Wyatt was oddly drafted to SmackDown, which didn’t make any sense at the time because he was in a title feud with Rollins and especially doesn’t make sense now because he happens to hold…Raw’s top title.

But again, this is WWE and it is possible to write out of a box like this. Make a trade, swap titles, do something. So long as it isn’t immediately ripping the title right back off Wyatt, WWE can’t really mess this up.

Another big hurdle among the many is Survivor Series. But it is fair to merely put that aside and just be happy fans might get a Fiend vs. Brock Lesnar showdown, not to mention an NXT Superstar, too.

Perhaps the biggest issue by far, though, is the powerful nature of The Fiend. He didn’t just take a bunch of finishers and get back up. He did that, then got tossed off the stage to explosive results with sparks flying everywhere.

In short, The Fiend looks unstoppable, perhaps moreso than anyone in WWE history. And the fans who have watched closely know what the out is: an internal Hurt-Heal conflict within Wyatt could dampen his powers or whatnot, which a challenger could then exploit and win the title. Something fantastical along those lines.

But it isn’t so easy to make sure the masses have bought into the idea. The trick now, after involving The Fiend in a title match at all this soon, is keeping him fun with a belt for fans. It’s not an easy task by any means, which is why any reaction suggesting Wyatt wasn’t ready for the title scene once it was revealed he’d be challenging made all sorts of sense.

Countless questions surround where WWE goes from here. But it has to feel good for fans to know the silly mishap between these two last time out has at least been acknowledged and rectified. The Fiend is champion, as he should be, and the ramifications on both Wyatt and perhaps especially Rollins could make for some thrilling entertainment for the foreseeable future.

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