J Hus Makes His Triumphant Return With “Must Be”

J Hus – Must Be

It must be an opp.

2019 started on a rough note for J Hus but things made a turn shortly after. For those who were unaware, J Hus was arrested for carrying a knife in the U.K. Although he was freed on bail, he was sentenced to eight months in prison in late 2018. He spent a few months in prison before being released earlier this year and making his warm return on stage with Drake.

J Hus has been keeping low key since his release from prison, although he did appear on Skepta‘s new project. Now, he makes his official return with his new song, “Must Be.” The rapper hops over jazz-infused, U.K. hip-hop production with an Afrobeats-esque melody. The rapper still keeps it to the U.K. roads on this one, reminding everyone if it looks like an opp, chills with an opp, hangs with an opp, then it must be…

Quotable Lyrics

Let a couple man go, show a man tough love

Outside the bando, man had a stand off

The ting had extendo, show him how it bangs off

Gyal in commando, she take the pant off

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