National Censors Board is Burning Pornography in Abuja #abuja #Nigeria

The day of reckoning for pornographic movies in Nigeria has been set to November 25th by the National Film and Video Censor Board, NFVCB even as the Board is set to rain fire. The NFVCB will in the same measure wage war against piracy.

According to Adedayo Thomas, the Executive Director of the Board, piracy is responsible for the failure of local artists and as such must be tackled to create a conducive market for creatives.

Speaking to Culture, Arts Tourism and Entertainment Writers Association Abuja, CATEWAA during a courtesy visit to his office, the Director disclosed that a massive number of illegal copies of foreign films and films lacking any trace of intellectual property of the owners have been confiscated and will be set on fire on the highlighted date.

He told CATEWAA, ‘‘I invite you to the burning of Pornography and unclassified works that will come up on 25th of November at yet to be named location. We are still doing the counting of the cost but is a huge lot.

‘‘We are starting from Abuja, then other zones. We have a lot massively seized, which we are doing the burning now.

‘‘We have embarked on all foreign films, they are illegal, it is stealing of intellectual property rights. The only foreign films that we confirm from the original owners are the ones in Cinemas. All two and three in one are not classified or censored. We have embarked on massive seizure operations.’’

Director Adedayo further praised the growth of the Nigerian film industry, highlighting that between January to August 2019, about N4.4billion was made from 153 cinema screens before adding “So the ease of doing business and encouraging domestic growth of our industry really help the creative industry. To enhance it more, we have to create the enabling environment for local producers, actors and actresses and embark on the seizure of all DVD Films because they are not approved and they entered into the country illegally.”

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