VIDEO: See The Crazy Show Of Love From Fans As Tacha Arrives PH For The First Time Since BBN #TachaStormsPH

You may not be a fan of the Big Brother Naija show or Port Harcourt First Daughter, Tacha, but you’ve got to admit she knows how to shut down Twitter NG each time she trends.

It was all shades of Tacha on Yellow Friday (November 8th) with over a hundred thousand tweets as Tacha went back to her home city, Port Harcourt. The journey was her first homecoming trip since she left the BBNaija house.

Recall that she was ousted out of the BBN house after a dispute she had with fellow BBN housemate, Mercy.

Her eviction was a huge trend on social media, especially because her fans believe she was wrongly evicted to pave the way for her archrival, Mercy, to cling to the prize money of 65 million Naira.

What’s more dramatic was that a hashtag to her honor, #ReleaseTacha, came at a time when youths showed little or no solidarity for the activist, Omoyele Sowore, who was arrested and detained for planning a peaceful protest.

The episode raised concerns as to where the youth’s priority lies. Nonetheless, that goes ahead to tell how much of a diva Tacha is, even though she didn’t emerge winner of the reality TV show.

Tacha’s Yellow Chair

Different videos making the rounds show Tacha’s fans lifting a yellow chair in PH to crown her as queen. The yellow chair or its semblance has been Tacha’s favorite seat in the house.

After her eviction, a fan asked her who she should vote for between housemates, Omoshola and Frodd. Tacha replied,

“Vote for Tacha’s yellow chair.”

It was a savage reply and a way of saying she doesn’t care who wins. But her Port Harcourt fans surely remembered those words and brought a yellow chair to welcome the queen.

The Moment Tacha Touched Down

Apart from the 10,000+ titans that flooded Pleasure Park, PH, to see the titan goddess, many more were on-site to welcome her first.

She stepped out of a car to the loud chanting of “Tacha” from fans. The glitter in her face showed how much she appreciates the love and support, even as she waved to them.

You can watch the video HERE.

Twitter CEO Follows Tacha On Twitter

Just before the night ended, a titan noticed that Jake, the CEO of Twitter, had started following Tacha. It wasn’t clear if he was motivated by the 100K+ tweets she garnered in 24hours or the other crazy trends she has basked in over the past four months.

Whatever be the reason, it’s obvious that Tacha is currently one of the most influential people in Nigeria.

Her fanbase is massive; she can do some positive good in this nation, or accomplish whatever she sets her heart to.

Nonetheless, what she does with her influence is up to her.

What’s Next For Tacha

Titans are quite inquisitive as to what Tacha has in plan for her life. Is she getting a new endorsement or going back to school.

There a whole lot of things about her that will keep her trending for a long time. But the best we can do is keep up with the trend and report each time she coughs.

To keep you informed on the latest news about Tacha and titans, please don’t forget to follow me.

Written by Nonso Nwagbo

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