I might end up marrying an actor -Kiki Omeili

I might end up marrying an actor -Kiki Omeili

While some actresses detest going into relationship with their male counterparts, it’s not so for popular Nollywood actress, Kiki Omeili.

The thespian, who dumped her degree in medicine for the klieg lights, says she might end up marrying an actor.

Hear her: “When I meet that husband material of mine, I’d know. I have heard a lot of people roll out what they want in a partner and at the end of the day they marry someone who is the exact opposite.

For me, I like a confident, hardworking, intellectual, and God fearing man. And he must be rich and comfortable, this is very important. By and large, when I meet him, I would know. I don’t limit myself, even if he’s an actor or he’s into entertainment, I don’t mind, as long as we are happy together.”

On handling her social media fans, Kiki said: “I love my fans a lot. I have encountered embarrassing moments from some of them. There are times when they would jump on you without even knowing your mood or knowing you too well.

“I also don’t listen to negative people or negative vibes. I don’t have that strength or space to entertain negativity. On social media, if I see any negative comment, I delete and block the person. That’s my strategy. Those people on social media always say hurtful things. I’m a very peaceful person and keep my private life, private.”

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