I have always liked Falz, even before I met him some time ago at the University of Lagos, during a faculty of Law student’s seminar. I think he just came into the Nigeria music scene and he was trying to gain prominence and promote his brand. During the event as a guest speaker, Falz introduced himself as a lawyer and also an artiste and then he told everyone listening to follow, support his music and watch out for him. His music at the time hadn’t gotten the famous trademark comic infusion it has now. It was just the usual kind of rap with a little addition here and there, like nothing new or mind blowing if you know what I mean. In my mind, I just wished him well and hope he makes it.

Fast forward from that time till now, Falz is not just a Bahd Guy, he is an internationally known Bahd Guy known on the microphone, by even the legendary American super star P.Diddy himself. He has metamorphosed from being not only a rapper, but an actor, song writer and a human right activist like his lawyer dad, Femi Falana.

As he was climbing those stairs to fame and prominence, I was indeed really happy for him. He is humble, very funny, cultured and oozing of positivity. If I am to swear by anything good, I can swear that Falz has been the only Nigerian musician that is and has been giving joy to my heart anytime I listen to his reality conscious music. It’s no surprise that his music is influenced by the great Fela Kuti, who was a client to Falz’s dad and who Falz had met at a tender age.

A graduate from the University of Reading England with LLB honors degree in Law, Folarin Falana aka Falz has a vast exposure from living in Lagos, Abuja, Osun state and the UK. He is very passionate about his music and sees himself doing nothing else. As the music label owner of Bahd Guy Records, he has been able to produce notable hit songs to his name, with a record of four studio album till date. He ventured into acting and has starred in popular T.v series and films like; Jenifa’s Diary, Tinsel, Couple of Days, Chief Daddy, New Money, Merry Men and 10 days in Sun City. In 2016, he won the AMVCA for Best actor, Bet Awards, City People Entertainment Awards, Nigeria Music Video Awards and recently The Headies Award 2019 for the song ‘Talk’ as Best Rap single, Best Rap Album and Album of the year.

Falz has been credited for making music to address societal issues. His 2019 fourth studio album ‘Moral Instruction’ is a testament of that as he addressed issues ranging from internet fraud, corruption, police brutality, corrupt politicians, social injustice, prostitution and religious bigotry.

Prior to that, in May 25th, 2018, Falz did a remake of American star, Childish Gambino’s song ‘This is America’ and titled it ‘This is Nigeria’. According to Falz, the song portrays “numerous political and social ills and it’s an attempt to spark a reaction in the positive direction”

Recently, on the 10th of November, 2019, popular musician and human right activist Charles Oputa aka Charley Boy, announced via his twitter handle a musical collaboration with Falz. He twitted “Every age has its pseudo-problems created by its fake prophets and pseudo-philosophers. Fake Pastors Watch-out. Pastor Charles and Brother Falz. Coming soon”.

So let’s say in a couple of years, Barr. Folarin Falana aka Falz announces to us all his intention to contest for the seat of president of Nigeria, will you vote for or against him and on what grounds? In my honest opinion and especially from what I have seen and heard, if Falz was to be the president of Nigeria, here are eight things below I think he might do:

1. Engaging in an intense restructuring and rebranding of the Nigerian paramilitary especially the Nigeria Police force

2. An active youth engagement in terms of massive job creation and empowerment to eradicate cyber crime, terrorism and prostitution

3. Creating stringent laws to curb corruption in all ramification

4. Promotion of national unity, human right and female child right

5. Restructuring of the Nigeria judiciary

6. Eradication of nepotism

7. Improving the educational system of the country

8. Review and amendment of the country’s constitution

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