Dino Melaye’s Political Career Is Over And Dead

Can Dino Melaye ever come back from this election loss to regain political relevance?

If there’s one thing I love about Dino Melaye, it’d be his courage and his ability to speak up in times of oppression.

For Dino, it’s not just about the party, rather, the core values of the party he belongs to. That’s why we saw him switch from PDP to APC, then PDP again, citing non-compliance to values of the party as reasons.

When Dino was still in the APC, he was very critical of President Buhari and the people who make up the cabal. He was never afraid to speak up the truth and was one of the few APC members who called the other members to order when he felt they were going astray.

He kept up with this until it became very unbearable for him and he had to leave. His decamp back to PDP was met with so much joy and applause. I remember him singing the song “Oh my home, Oh my home” when he officially announced his decamp.

Ever since then, it has been a rough ride for him.

From the DSS placing him under house arrest, to hoodlums shooting at his residence, to him jumping out of a moving vehicle… I’m sure Dino Melaye has visited the hospital more times than an ambulance; it has always been one bandage or plaster of Paris cast on him.There was a time he even fainted and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Oh Dino! It has always been drama, drama, drama for you! If you are not in the news for being allegedly oppressed, you’re in the news for wearing a crazy Jean with a Ralph Lauren Polo that has it’s collar flying, chains on your neck more than that of 2pac, a snap back cap, to-match sneakers and you posing behind one of your exotic cars. You’ve never been the one to shy away from dramas and controversies.

It’s an unfortunate incident that the supreme Court had to annul your victory in the last conducted polls. To make matters worse, INEC fixed a rerun date the same day the general elections were meant to be held in Kogi state.

I knew this one wasn’t going to be easy to call, especially when Yahaya Bello was caught on tape saying that he would rather he loses his reelection bid, than see you win Smart Adeyemi of the APC. For a man willing to sacrifice his own ambition so that you lose, that alone spelled trouble.

The elections were conducted; one that was marred with violence, open-rigging, ballot box snatching, vote buying, killings… We all read the news. The APC was going to win this one by hook or crook.

In the end, they were victorious. Yahaya Bello has been declared winner, while your rerun between you and Smart Adeyemi was declared inconclusive, even though he led with over 20000 votes.

The rerun has been conducted and from the result announced so far, you’re trailing massively behind.

Oh Dino! The same party you help brought into power has removed you from power. What are you going to do? Head to the tribunal? I seriously doubt that will be a good idea, because no matter what happens, you’re still going to be out numbered in the polls.

It’s obvious you relied on drama and pity in the first election that saw you win after your decamp from APC. Now, your people know you for what you’re and have decided to go for the lesser evil.

Oh Dino! You seriously bit the fingers that fed you, and now you’ve to pay for it. How you’re going to come out of this is what I don’t know, but it’s safe to say that your political relevance in Nigeria is dead!

What do you think about this? Kindly send your feedbacks through the comment section and let’s hear your thoughts.


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