See Why Fans Are Blasting Paul Scholes On Twitter #Scholes

Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes is trending on the social media for his unwarranted criticism of Arsenal interim boss, Freddie Ljungberg.

As far as Scholes is concerned, Ljungberg won’t last at Arsenal because he didn’t wear a suit on his first match as a manager.

Ljungberg wore a grey jumper and blue open-neck shirt with the club jacket on top and this according to Scholes is unacceptable as a manager of a top premier league team.

‘You would think he’d be out in a suit to show a bit of proudness that he took the job.

‘To me that’s a great start – shirt and tie to show some discipline.

‘I don’t think he’ll be the right man.’

News flash folks; Paul Scholes wore wore a jumper and shirt during his first match in charge of Oldham.

He went on to win once in seven games spending just a month in charge of the team.

Fans of course slammed him for his bizzare attacks. See some of them.

So what is his issue with the choice of dress of managers during matches

Does the choice of one’s dress determine the score of a football match?

These ex footballers sef!

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