Diss Track: Eminem sends Nick Cannon to the shadows with response #Eminem

Eminem has expectedly responded to Nick Cannon’s diss track, ‘The Invitation’, via tweets on Monday evening.

The 47-year old who is cited as one of the greatest and most influential rapper of all time sent out a tweet directed at Cannon, addressing the track and a specific line where Nick alleges that Eminem’s chauffeur has video of him “sucking a cock.”

“I heard your chauffeur got a video of you sucking a cock/You paid him off then laid him off, now who really the opps.”

“You mad bro? Stop lying on my dick, I never even have a chauffeur, you bougie f*ck. I demand an apology Nicholas,” he continued in a later tweet, “you’ve made my gardener so jealous!”. He ended.

There have always been a history of beefs between the two for a long time, which involves an alleged Eminem’s relationship with Maria Carey, who is an ex-wife to Nick Cannon.

Nick Cannon released the diss song which features Suge Knight, Hitman Holla Charlie Chips and Prince Eazy on Monday. He also claimed that Eminem’s reached out to him, not to drop the song.

In his long-year career, Eminem has taken part in a number of beefs, which often found him making fun of pop stars and battling a variety of rappers in memorable lyrical clashes. He has battled the likes of Christina Aguilera, Case, Everlast, Ja Rule, Machine Gun Kelly (MKG), Joe Budden.

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