Twitter is on Fire again over the Sack of 1000 Lecturers #EksuSacked1000Lecturers

A new hashtag “#EksuSacked1000Lecturers” have been trending on Twitter in the early hours of this morning over the reported sack of 1000 Ekiti State University Lecturers by the school Vice-Chancellor.

The sack list of the affected lecturers has been shared across all the various social media platforms, as seen in the picture below.

Students of the school and family members have gone on twitter and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to express their mix feelings about the sack.

See their reactions below;

@c_ewenike tweeted – “*When you get to school and figure out that the lecturer that you run packages with didn’t get sacked…. #EksuSacked1000Lecturers.”

@shayooour Also tweeted “So the wicked professor in my department has been sacked .. we can now graduate #EksuSacked1000Lecturers

@OlabusuyiOlayi2 in his tweet wonder how some lecturers will pay back their various loans “#EksuSacked1000Lecturers Someone just said of all these lecturers. How are the ones owing cooperative going to pay.”