BBNaija Star, Tacha Suffers Severe Brutality #whoistacha #tachaxhypeandsteaming

BBNaija Star, Tacha Suffers Severe Brutality #whoistacha #tachaxhypeandsteaming

Several people are angry with Natacha Ibinabo of the Big Brother Naija 2019 fame but just a few are expressing it.

In recent times, a couple of people have been coming out to express their disaffection about the self-acclaimed Port Harcourt First daughter. Actress Angela Okorie some days ago called her out for not ‘showing gratitude’ after she supported her during her time in the reality show. Tacha came out to shade her claiming she needs to be paid before she gives anybody attention and cheap publicity.

Relationship blogger and expert, Blessing Okoro who once stole the house of one Onye Eze in Enugu State has launching scathing attacks on Tacha in a video she posted on social media. Blessing ranted bitterly about Tacha like she was set on fire

Blessing Okoro described Tacha as a mere ‘clout-chaser’ and a ‘nobody’. She has also threatened to expose ‘101 dirty secrets’ about Tacha.

“I have asked you guys this question, ‘who the f*ck is Tacha?’ This is not a hateful comment, this is not an envy video. It’s a realistic video. Who is Tacha? The only thing that is on top of Tacha’s head that gives her pride is Big Brother. Take away Big Brother from that girl’s head, she is a nobody, she is a freaking nobody. She can’t stand where people can stand. When it comes to Angela Okorie, who is Tacha. I don’t know about Jaruma” she said.

She went on to complain about the activities of the fans of Tacha called Titans who have been attacking her critics on social media.

“Call a spade a spade, una dey here dey fight everybody wey wan talk. Una go dey insult person but this your (Titans) was a bloody clout-chaser before she went to Big Brother but before she went for Big Brother, the word ‘clout-chasing’ wasn’t very rampant on social media but she was a clout-chaser. What does Tacha do before she went for Big Brother? Either she is twerking and selling a market or she is calling somebody out or she is insulting somebody or she is being blunt about somebody. That’s what she does on social media. Have you guys forgotten so soon? So what do you guys expect when she comes out and be in the public eye?” she added.

Blessing Okoro went on to reveal that there is nothing to envy about Tacha who according to her can’t boast of decent endorsement by commercial brands.

“There is absolutely nothing to envy about Tacha. The only thing she has is her bloody fan base and those her fan base, they don’t have sense. I call them bloody fan base, I will rather have 100 reasonable followers than one million foolish bunch of people. I call them foolish people so I don’t bloody care about her fan base. Pls, take away Instagram, who the f*ck is Tacha? Because anybody that wants to endorse Tacha is endorsing her because of her Instagram page. Outside Instagram, who do you think wants to associate with Tacha? All those things are clout. So I am begging you, people, nobody is envying her because she is a bloody nobody. I haven’t seen Linda Ikeji to envy, I haven’t seen Mo Abudu. I haven’t seen successful women. What do I want to envy about Tacha?” she also said.

Many have accused Blessing Okoro of trying to stay relevant using Tacha as a way of publicizing herself after her brand was dented with the ‘House Theft’ scandal which took place earlier this year.

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