EFCC Wants Youths To Emulate Iloduba, The Corporate Sachet Water Seller #efcc #nigeria

Michael - Iloduba

Michael Iloduba

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is impressed with an entrepreneur, Michael Iloduba, the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporate Water.

In a tweet on its verified twitter handle on Monday, the EFCC wrote enthusiastically about the young man, who dresses in corporate wears to hawk table and sachet water.

The anti-graft agency also praised Iloduba’s sense of industry in earning a living the genuine way.

With the hashtag of #YoungNLegit, part of the tweet reads: “Meet Michael Iloduba @AuthenticMiche3, the guy who dresses in corporate wears to sell bottle water called CORPORATE WATER.

The commission further discouraged corruption, adding that Iloduba is not deterred by limitations around him to make a difference.

“Not deterred by limitations around him, he is determined to make a difference. #SayNoToCorruption, #TheEagles.”

The commission’s enthusiastic tweet about Iloduba may be in view of the high level of internet fraud currently on the rise, reportedly perpetrated by young people.

The 24-year-old Iloduba, who hails from Anambra State started his bottled water business in February 2019.

The quest to find a job and be independent made him start the business. Iloduba explained that he had gone job hunting on a fateful day when he got stranded. He did not get the driving job he had hoped he would get and was low on cash because he had moved from place to place.

As a result of this, he trekked for a long time and was not close to getting home. He also said he had nothing to eat that day as he had set out very early in the morning. The young man revealed that his self-esteem was low as the two hundred naira left on him was not enough to take him home.

He said he was frustrated. He looked around and spotted a young boy hawking water. The secondary school dropout approached the boy after he had thought about selling water too with that money left on him. The water seller did not take him serious at first as he was wearing a suit and looked too serious for the job.

At last, he was able to convince the boy who then showed him where to buy the water from. He got a bag of sachet water for one hundred and thirty naira and was made to rent the bowl that would be used in selling it for ten naira. This made his initial cost price one hundred and forty naira.

Iloduba said that as soon as he stepped out with the bowl of sachet water in hand, the first thing that came to his mind was ‘corporate water’. People rushed to him as soon as he shouted this. Within minutes, he had sold out the bag. He ended up selling up to fifty bags of water that very first day.

According to him, he could not make to the university as there was no money to further, adding that he was a science student whose dream was to be a mechanical engineer, and intends to continue once he has made enough money.

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