Simi warns popular influencer to stop being obsessed with her, Nigerians react

Nigerian singer, Simi has warned popular influencer, Mazi Ibe with the handle @i_pissvodka to stay clear off her and also stop being obsessed with her.

In 2017, Simi was trolled for the choice of her outfit during her performance at Big Brother Naija. The popular influencer, Mazi Ibe was one of those who trolled her back then, which led to Simi blocking him on Twitter.

The influencer, whose twitter account was suspended last week, opened a new account, only to respond to Simi’s picture with Adekunle Gold with a troll.

“The good side of my suspension is I get to see your tweets. Feels good after how many years”. Mazi Ibe tweeted.

Simi then responded with this.

“And I dare you, @i_pissvodka, to never talk about me again. Unless u’re obsessed or I’m really bringing you that influencer money. Because I’m just a little girl minding my own. Or next time you see me outside, come to me and speak your mind.

“Let’s talk woman to child – instead of you sneaking, taking pictures of me, looking for laughs on social media. Big boy, you gawky internet bully, twitter warrior, I dare you to dislike me enough to pretend I don’t exist. So ti gbo”. She tweeted.

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