Ways Women Say “I love You” Without Saying The Words

Ways Women Say “I love You” Without Saying The Words

It would only be gainsaying to say that women are sometimes very complicated. I am a woman, and sometimes, I don’t understand why I do some of the things we do as women. I guess it’s just the way women are wired. Most women are either too proud or too shy to tell a man they love that they do. Some women are bold and direct enough to approach a man, but most women won’t. However, they say it in other ways. Would you like to find out? Read on.

1. When a woman holds your hand and squeezes it, either tenderly or painfully, she is saying she loves you.

2. When a lady looks at you for no reason and says nothing, she’s saying it.

3. When she calls you different pet names.

4. When she does something she wouldn’t have done on a normal day just to please you or make you comfortable.

5. When she texts you about something pointless.

6. When she rolls her eyes at you.

7. When she watches you moving around or going about your work with a broad smile.

8. When she hugs you for no reason.

While most women do this to show that they love you but won’t say it, some just do it to their platonic friends. Some ladies are really affectionate with their friends. So, try not to misunderstand their actions.

Women do these things just to show that they love you and because they don’t want to say it. However, women have gotten more expressive these days. They are now approaching men and tell them how they feel. It’s becoming a normal thing.

Do you think there is anything wrong with women approaching men? Tell us what you think in the comment section.


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