Types of girls with whom you as a man need to use a condom. Number 2, 6, and 10 will shock you.

Types of girls with whom you as a man need to use a condom. Number 2, 6, and 10 will shock you.

A condom is a thin piece of rubbery material that fits over a man’s private part (male genitals) during sex. When used correctly, it prevents HIV, as well as pregnancy and most STIs. The most popular and common type of condom is made from a thin latex (rubber).

Although some STIs may also be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact (e.g. genital scars), condoms still minimize the risk of many of these infections.

There are different types of girls with whom you as a man absolutely need to use a condom for during sexual intercourse. The list are as follows;

1. The girl that has tattoo on her body

2. The girl that turns off her phone whenever she’s with you

3. The girl that drinks beer like 2-3 bottles. My brother use protection for your inner peace.

4. Be minding of any girl that take your shirt off by herself

5. If she proposes to give you the pipe

6. The girl that doesn’t ask or request for a condom before sex.

7. The girl that has short hair and also dyed it.

8. If she wears tight jeans to your house. My brother double the protection.

9. The girl that doesn’t sigh or give any “NO”reaction when you touch her. My man you need to triple the hell out of that protection.

10. The girl that lives alone. This is their top boss. You need to be extra protected.

12. she travels frequently to to go to bukavu, Kigali, oicha, blessed, Abidjan, yaoundé, Kampala, butembo and others while she doesn’t have the family there

13. If the girl works in a callbox / hair salon, bar.

14. If she is a student but already has a 10-Year-old child, my brother use condom.

15. If the girl is the type that loves and wears g-strings.

16. If she is under 30 years old but has knowledge at the police level

17. If she’s the type that wears pearls/ waistbeads on the hip

18. If she screams in the streets

19. If she has a lot of male friends on facebook

20. If she supports an influential politician and wants to do politics

21. If she has a ring on her nose and chain at the foot

22. If she likes to say that all men are the same

23. If she takes this post personally, triple the condoms my brother

Thank you for your attention.

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