Karma Has Visited #Chioma After Destroying Sophia And Amanda’s Relationships With #Davido

Social media is buzzing with mix reactions after Davido has touched down in Ghana with his first baby mama and their baby.

Following this development, social media users have wondered where Chioma is and what’s happening.

Whilst some believe Davido and Sophia’s ‘baecation’ to Ghana is nothing beyond the ordinary, others think Karma has already visited Choima.

Popular Instagram blogger Kemi has detailed why Chioma deserves this and even more..

Popular Instagram blogger Kemi has detailed why Chioma deserves this and even more..

She wrote;

‘Well she should have known this is what To expect. It’s not all about sticking around a guy because of money and fame in pretence of love or future assurance. I will continue to say this @thesophiamomodu is and should remain David’s wife. The rest came to put sand in her garri but in turn it’s them that will get their own karma!!! What Chioma did to the other 2 BM By wrecking their relationship is waiting for her back. Hiding in the UK doesn’t mean it won’t catch up to you. Another one is on the way ima different country!!! Just because she is quiet on social media doesn’t mean she is a saint it purely cos she is just protecting her bag I.e 💰 💵. If you pay close attention to what David’s friend post all the time in jest about Chioma is cos now that she has a son and ring everyone should tighten their belts because she will pepper everyone. Mate if you can’t see the truth in that then it’s on you. Notice how Sophia and the 2nd BM gets one even to the extent that Sophia sent her a dress for her daughters Christmas attire!! Have you ever seen chioma Co-exist with any of them??? She rather separate and divide.’

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