7 Little Things Women Do That Guys Love

7 Little Things Women Do That Guys Love

Everyone is a little weird. Most women are completely clueless about the weird or quirky things men love about them. Here are some of the things men love about women, so you can know what your man misses about you when you aren’t around.

7. Laying your head on his chest

When lying on the couch watching TV or lying in bed and cuddling after a long day, it’s one of the best feelings when a woman lays her head down on your chest and puts her arm around her man. This makes men feel protective and shows that you feel safe with him. Moreover, it also signifies your trust in him and that you are comfortable being around him.

6. The way you sleep

If your man loves you, he definitely enjoys watching you sleep from time to time. If he happens to wake up before you and turns around to find you fast asleep, chances are that he can’t help but smile. This is because we all look peaceful when we sleep. Moreover, we tend to exude a sense of vulnerability while sleeping. However, this doesn’t mean you’re an adorable sleeper. Some people drool. Some of us sleep with our mouths wide open. Some make awkward faces. But if your man loves you, then he certainly loves the way you sleep.

5. The way you get scared

Sometimes your fear is rational, and sometimes it’s completely irrational. But he’s fascinated that someone who can be so strong when it comes to all the important things in life can also be so scared when it comes to the little things such as spiders or cockroaches. Or rodents. Basically everything that are classified as creepy-crawlies. However, he’s happy to kill the spider for you. He doesn’t mind walking you to the car at night because it’s dark and you don’t want to walk alone. He loves that you’re afraid of some things because it allows him to step up and be strong for you. Men love it when they feel needed and they like it when strong women show signs of vulnerability.

4. The random, quirky things you do without realizing

It may be the way you dress or do your hair. It may be the mess you make in the kitchen while cooking. It may seem weird to others, but he loves it. How can you be sure? Because if he didn’t, then he’d have probably run for the hills a while ago. But he hasn’t. He has not only put up with your sometimes-insane behavior, but he actually enjoys it. That’s the easiest way to know if you’ve found the right partner in life: If he can put up with your craziness, he’s a keeper.

3. Text him when you’re out with your friends

There are some guys who are insanely jealous or don’t “let” their girlfriend go out with friends, and especially with other guys. If you’re significant other is mature enough to tell you to go have a good time, text him every now and then during the night just saying hello or asking him how he’s doing. It will make him smile and let him know that you’re still thinking about him when you’re out.

2. The way you look after you and take way too much time getting ready

There’s a party tonight and you know you’re running late. He’s been trying to get into the bathroom for about an hour now. You’re already 30 minutes late, but you’re still not ready. He’s been grumbling out loud for the last 20 minutes. However, until you’re all glammed up. He may not like it. It definitely annoys him. He does wonder what you do in there that takes you so long. But he loves the end result and knows that it is worth the wait. While he always finds you beautiful, he won’t be able to take his eyes off of you all night.

1. Being affectionate

He loves it when you show how much you love him in the small, simple ways. The way you hold his hand outside or bake him cookies after a bad day. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; just the ordinary, but heartfelt gestures of affection.

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