Beyonce And Jay-Z Sent Reese Witherspoon Champagne After The Golden Globes

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Beyonce and Jay-Z went viral at the Golden Globes, and all they had to do was show up late and bring their own champagne. Reese Witherspoon was part of their moment as well, when she asked the Carters for some of their bubbly after her table ran out of water. Beyonce and Jay-Z apparently thought it was a fun scene, because they decided to send Witherspoon some champagne of her own as a memento.

Witherspoon shared a video on her Instagram story of her opening a package that was waiting for her at home. The nicely wrapped box had champagne in it, and the note from Beyonce and Jay-Z read, “More water.” She then posted clips of her mother and herself popping the bottle open, enjoying the beverage, and giving their thanks to Beyonce and Jay-Z.



Beyoncé & JAY-Z surprised @ReeseW with a gift following their


moment at the .


Part of the reason why Beyonce and Jay-Z’s appearance at the Golden Globes made such a big splash is because it didn’t seem like they were going to even show up. They didn’t walk the red carpet, so viewers at home were shocked to see them during the broadcast. Meanwhile, Jay-Z might have some new music on the way, as he has apparently been working with the reunited The Neptunes.

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