Ladies! 6 questions to ask your man, before You fall in love with him!

Ladies! 6 questions to ask your man, before You fall in love with him!

A lot of females don’t know or get worked up about questions to ask guys. Some think that asking guys pertinent questions portray them as being bored; while some even but do not know what questions to ask.

The benefits of Asking your guy the questions?

Asking a guy the right question helps you to do better in a relationship.

1. It conveys the right message to your soulmate that you care and you are much interested to developing the relationship.

2. Also asking your guy questions helps you know where his vulnerabilities and weaknesses are .

3. Asking a guy the intelligent questions will allow you to discover his little secrets; such as what things piss him off and how you can help him calm down; also what things he likes and how to deal with him better and so on.

Here I have simplified all that in this post. You can now overcome the challenges of trying to start a conversation with the guy you like!

Make use of these following questions to start the conversation the guy you like:

1. What is love to you?

As we feel the love in different ways and act in different ways when in love; it would be nice to get a glimpse of what a love relationship means to him.

Listen to how he explains what love means to him will give you some hints on your potential relationship.

Whether if he is the man who’s afraid of commitment or he is the one emotionally unavailable; you can get a good sense of them from his answer to this question.

2. What makes you attracted to a woman?

This could pass as a fun question but you definitely can get the truth from his answer. This is an important question to ask guys because it does a lot in helping you know if they find you as an ideal lover.

3. What do you expect from your woman?

Everyone has expectations from their partners. Ask guys this question will allow you to understand guys’ expectations of their girlfriends. So you will know if he is the right one for you just like knowing the right quantity of salt to put in your food.

4 What is your favourite food ?

Food means a lot to guys. You will find most of them eating out, with just a few making their meals. It’s good you know his favorite food for a time you may want to surprise him. If the guy you like is a good cook, he will joyfully talk about his culinary skills.

5. What’s on your bucket list?

This question helps you to explore his life with him, from career to hobbies, travels, and the rest. It’s interesting to listen and watch people talk about what they want to do, have, and achieve before they expire.

6 What kind of music do you listen to?

Everyone has a genre that hits them specially. Listen to him talk about his type of music. It’s a great question to get you both closer.

These are good questions to ask a guy you like. We hope you can ask those questions when you meet your potential partner next time. Asking these questions can make him fond of you and want to be around you.

While asking him, prepare to even out the scale by answering the questions too. It’s the natural way to get to know each other better. So don’t forget those questions to ask the guy you like

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