See Perruzi Tweet That Confirms #Davido/Perruzi Fued is All Publicity Stunt(see screenshot)

Twitter has been awash since morning with a thread of popular Nigerian artists, Davido, King Patrick and Perruzi dragging themselves for issues ranging from cheating, lying and infidelity.

It was reported that Perruzi isn’t Davido’s cousin has he lied to be while it was also revealed that Perruzi wrote the song ASSURANCE for Davido contrary to popular belief.

The fued that has been topping the list of Twitter trend since morning has witnessed accusations and counter-accusations from all parties involved. Except Chioma.

However, there has been insinuations in some quarters that the feud is too much to be true as some called it “publicity stunt” by the parties to promote their music through conversation.

In a dramatic twist that point to the fact that the feud is nothing but another publicity stunt is Perruzi Twitter that disclosed he would be talking more about the controversy in his new single.

See the tweet

In reaction, Twitter users took to the comments section to express their feelings

Davido and Perruzi are very good friends on the same record label- DMW. And we all know controversy has always been an effective tool for artists to promote themselves and stay relevant in the music industry.

What is your opinion on this new development in the music industry? Kindly share your view

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