7 Kinds Of Guys That Find It Difficult To Woo A Lady

7 Kinds Of Guys That Find It Difficult To Woo A Lady

1. Virgin Guys

Some of us are not very confident and are usually very timid when it comes to expressing our love for a lady we deeply love. Though some of us may form badoo on social media but other there, when locked up inside the room with a lady, all we discuss is Olajumoke, the bread seller, and Saraki, who declared fake assests.. Often times, when I see a lady I deeply love, the thought of approaching her troubles me that I will have to hide somewhere and will beg my friends to woo her on my behalf

2. Scholars

Believe it or not, most scholars tend to have boring social life. This is because they focus on their books more than anything else. Though ladies flirt with them for academic prevalence. After graduation, some of them may not even be able to approach a lady. Na their mumsy dey woo on their behalf. The worst scenario is that some of them will bag first class and may not be able to locate where the kitty cat is, at the age of 35 .

3. Short Guys

Don’t get this twisted cos it’s not a maximum generalization that all short guys are unable to approach/woo a lady. All I’m trying to say is that, research have it that short guys are usually very confident when approaching a lady, just that they are likely to find it difficult to approach a lady who is much more taller than they are. Let’s assume a guy is 5ft 10inch, approaching a lady of 6ft 2in won’t be easy. Vizkiz can testify to this

4. Introverts

Introverts are as shy as virgin guys and are usually timid and nervous when it comes to approaching/wooing a lady. Even when some of them come across a lady they have serious crush on, for them to open their mouth in sealing the deal is a thug war of contest. Some of them cannot even decode greenlight or utilize opportunities. Some of them are usually in a boring relationship

5. Stingy Guys

The notion that Nigerian ladies are usually at the receiving end often makes me refrain myself from wooing ladies. Stingy guys are not very good in showing love because we know that no lady in her right sense of reasoning picks handsomeness over wealth. As a result of this, they employ lie to gain the love of a lady. Often times, if I have the intention of wooing a lady and she asks me for recharge card, I go just pick my slippers begin grab race.

6. Pastors (SU)

Though, I take exception to some pastors who are veteran wooers and can woo anything woo-able. Some of them no dey gawk themselves that they can even snatch the girlfriend/fiance of a brother in the church. When they spot a member they have interest in, they will go straight her telling her how God revealed to them she will be their wives. On the contrary, most of the pastors in Deeper life, MFM, Jehova witness are likely to be poor at approaching/ wooing ladies.

7. Grammatically Deficient Guys

Someone like me who can’t construct proper English often cram and rehearse what to say before approaching a lady. Take for example, let’s assume a chronic Ekiti guy like me wants to woo a Lagos babe, it’s usually a thug war of contest because I will be very mindful of my grammar; I will try to fake confidence and will eventually mess up at the end of the day. Our inability to speak fluently in English often makes say rubbish when approaching/wooing a lady

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