Try this and his heart will be yours forever

Try this and his heart will be yours forever

Wheter you like it or not, a boy friend is a boy friend. No matter the title you give to him, there is always going to be disappointing moments.the bitter truth is you can never rely on him 100% , even d sweetest of all boyfriends can mess you up. What am i trying to say? There are lots of ladies who have been stranded all in d name of “i trust him, he wont let me down” blah blah.

The way you carry yourself in a relationship, determines how your so-called boyfriend treats you in return. ladies are used to the fact that their boyfriend is supposed to give to them why they receive meaning that men are always at the losing end in a relationship why the ladies are at the receiving end. There are things u should do if u want to permanently win the heart of ur boo forever

1. always have your transport fare at all time:the number one thing you should do when going to visit your boyfriend especially when you are paying a surprise visit is to prepare your mind for the worse, take your transport along with you. if you’re paying a surprise visit and you don’t have the money to go back home you’re going to leave yourself stranded😅,Have you ever thought about getting to his house and meeting some crazy situations like seeing him with another woman,😋 of course I know you will run out of the room or if you are the type that like to fight you might put up a show haven forgotten you don’t have your transport fare. how do you get home ?do you intend to humble yourself just for the transport or what do you do to avoid or prevent unforeseen situations like this? Always have some little money on you while visiting your boo

2. The number two thing you should have in your mind when you are in a relationship is that the value you add to the relationship determines how your so-called sugarboy treats you ,don’t enter a relationship without having anything to offer.A good and healthy relationship is supposed to be of mutual benefit. even when you’re visiting your boo take some things along with you especially where you may be staying for long don’t just go to him and put all the burden on him,don’t see him as a Miracle worker, I’m not saying you should take the role of the man or be the money bag in a relationship but try as much as you can to add value so that your partner is aware of the fact that you are valuable to the relationship, so he doesn’t take you for granted. support your boyfriend and stop parasiting on every guy that comes around you. This might be the reason why that longtime boyfriend doesn’t want to get engaged or married to you everyone needs a support system so be the support that he needs

3. The number three thing you shouldn’t do when in a relationship if you want the heart of ur boo to be yours forever is to avoid playing the role of a maid or doing more than you can ordinarilly do just to leave an impression. This is common among ladies when they are visiting a guy and the families are around. don’t give them a wrong signal that you can do what you know you cannot do because if you get them to love you for that and eventually get married to your so-called boyfriend,the moment you stop doing those things you may lose him fast.when visiting your boyfriend I’m not saying you should sit around and do nothing, do what you can do and stop trying to impress him. being yourself and being real is healthy for a good relationship ,so that your partner is completely aware of who you are and decide wheter they want you or not.

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