Nobody wants to approach me because I am the ‘Oga’, can I still find a husband?— Single Lady Laments

Nobody wants to approach me because I am the ‘Oga’, can I still find a husband?— Single Lady Laments

I am badly in need of a serious relationship because I’m no more getting any younger and I don’t know why many do not want to approach me to date me.

One of the reasons why I think many do not want to date me or want to open up to me that they will like to have a relationship with me is probably because I’m the boss of all my staffs.

They all do the ‘Oga’ ‘Oga’ thing all the time even though I’ve told them many times without number that they can call me by my name.

The too much respect they’re giving me is causing me more harm than do me any good.

I’m going to be 39 in the next 2 years and the hope of finding a husband is getting bleak every day.

I don’t know what to do. Many are spreading different rumours as to why no man is coming for me and I want all that to end.

I’m fine too now, it is not as of I’m that ugly. Even people that are not as attractive as I am are getting married every weekend.

Please advise me on what to do before I clock 40 and menopause starts setting in.

It won’t be good for me to now become suicidal because of this marriage thing.

Different people have given me different advice in the past and I have applied all they advised me to do but I’m still where I am.

And currently, I’m beginning to ask if I will still be able to find a husband.

Please help me, guys!

I will read all comments.



  1. rich women don’t respect men and if they married them is another war in house, but I know there some women no matter what they have they don’t look down to there husband they give them their respect, but is not easy to get dose kind of women in this life we are, the only thing to help is to believe and trust in God and he will send the right husband to you and you will leave happily married with your family. thanks


  2. My dear one thing again be careful with the kind of men that come to you some of them may come because of your money after getting it in The runaway don’t lose what you have because you are looking for your husband you know end up without anything I know God will not allow that but you have to be careful help yourself and I wish you the best I believe before the end of this year your husband that God has planned for you will come


  3. my advice, is, be careful with men that Will come to you as your lover. Its difficult for you at that level to know who Will be with you for sake of God. But to me, i can marry you, if you like me.


  4. It is hard for guys of nowadays to marry a rich lady when they can’t even afford to take them on a date or pay their bills ……..I pray you come across a man of your choice
    …..though I’m a single father but if you can gimme a trial I will b glad


  5. my advice for you is that you should go for three day fasting and prayer and god we show you the rightful person fearing don’t joke with this .


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