I paid his school fee and get him good job until he left me for his village first love #Nigeria

I paid his school fee and get him good job until he left me for his village first love

I was told this rubbish do happen but I never believe not until I fell a victim of loving someone and dissing me for his secret lover.

It all happened as if we’re both making things right and my mind tells me I’ve found the real love and my missing rib as it is said.

Never did I know he had a lover hidden in his village for a very long time.

Anytime he told me he’s traveling for business deal, it’s a no no that’s the time he usually goes to see his love putting me on edge of, ‘my love’, ‘I love you’.

Now I know that, true love is not by mouth even not by showing, but by heart and expression.

He had a trip of a very long time, without me knowing he went to for introduction. Not just introduction but his engagement with his wife.

I wasn’t bragging or just saying, I know what it cost me to get him a lifetime job via a connection I should have used for my brother. I believe if he’s fine everything will be ok and rosy for me too.

I haven’t been so bittered in my life compare to what happened to me on what my boyfriend did to me.

Now, he’s happily married with his pregnant wife about to put to bed leaving me stranded and looking up to what people will say, ‘I look up to God for a real life partner’.

Nobody, need tell me what to do except I get something tangible to do, I need move on with life.

So so bittered right now, in tears!!!

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  1. My dear I feel sorry for you now before you enter any relationship you. You will be wise you will now let the love you have for the person to overshadow you there are many guys nowadays looking for who to cheat. God will send the right person to you but by this time around best of luck looking beautiful


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