Tinubu Reveals Reason for Prolonged Silence on Amotekun

Tinubu Reveals Reason for Prolonged Silence on Amotekun

In a personally signed statement, Tinubu meet the revelation that one being a political leader such as himself, one should not be seen making hasty and not well-informed decisions also noting that the pressure put on by several people of the press and public should not waiting on one making the decision or statements on an important issue without giving it deep thoughts. Instead, a leader such as himself should only speak when all possible facts have been gathered and a reasonable conclusion has been reached or ascertained.

He regrets that Amotekun has resulted into a political tug-of-war where people are choosing sides based on their political affiliations and ambitions when in actual fact it ought to be a matter of genuine and serious concern.

He said so much emphasis has been placed on the distortion of the issue when the energy out to be targeted at the enhancement of security locally without undermining the constitution motioning that if it continues this way, then we will be the death of ourselves because we will hinder progression of the nation as a whole.

He is however of the strong opinion that the current formulation needs repair so it wouldn’t crash as quickly as it takes off.

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