Comedian Ebiye mocks 9ice about Grammy

Comedian Ebiye mocks 9ice about Grammy

currently Trending on twitter this morning is a comedian named Ebiye, twitter followers can not get enough of his bashing on a popular musician named 9ice.

so the jist is about 9ice in one of his popular songs back in the days promising with assurance that he will bring Grammy awards to Nigeria, he was so sure he had to sing it to his fans.

Now more than 15 years and still counting we are still yet to see any Grammy from 9ice, many years has come and passed and so many awards has been given but our own 9ice is yet to be nominated.

Now back to recent times where we have our own African Giant been nominated like twice on the grammy awards which the most recent is some days ago when Burna Boy lost the award to Angelique Kidjo.

Now this Comedian Ebiye is mocking mimicking how 9ice might be feeling right now after learning that Burna Boy lost the award.

the video has gathered more views and reactions from twitter fans.

here are some reactions below:

Tobi Gray says People who can’t even identify which talent they have are dragging Ebiye.. Is it not Nigeria




some people just read an already blown tweet with its comments and already banting about.. But it’s Nigeria na



, Ebiye you go de alright

click to watch the video

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