Ladies Describe The Real Definition of “Broke” Guys

Ladies Describe The Real Definition of “Broke” Guys

As we all know that these days it is very common amidst ladies, even the jobless and goalless ones to call any guy that couldn’t afford to buy whatever they want for themselves for themselves a broke guy

These has become one of the greatest challenge men now face in terms of relationship as most young promising guys now go broke trying to impress jobless ladies all in the name of love

However, the debate has now been going on for a while now about who is really the ‘Broke’ one between the guy or the lady that can’t afford the things she wants for herself, but unrepentant ladies don’t care about that as they believe that their beauty is an avenue for them to live the life of comfort even without any asset but from the guys that admire and wish to date them

Here is how ladies on Twitter have now reacted to the trend and define the real definition of ‘Broke Guys’ and who should be called a Broke Guy

A lady twitted that her definition of a “Broke” guy is a homeless guy, if he has a roof over his head, can feed himself, can clothe himself and has a decent job, then he isn’t broke, he’s trying.

Stop calling guys broke because they can’t afford to SPOIL you yet, she reiterated!.

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