#Peruzzi Accused of Murder and Attempted Rape

Peruzzi Accused of Murder and Attempted Rape

A female London based singer has come out to accuse Peruzzi of attempted rape and murder in her recent posts . According she had booked a contract with Peruzzi to write songs for her at the price of 15 million a contract he allegedly breached by not delivering the songs and instead tried to have his way with her behind closed doors in a hotel

she also claimed she had evidence of the video of Peruzzi trying to force himself on her. . She then further dug deeper by blatantly accusing him of murder . This allegations are very serious and will likely result in a court case. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Peruzzi as he was involved in a similar case of contract breaching by his former label manager , Me . Patrick who also claimed Davido tried to drug him and threaten his life. Could all these be true or just a stunt for Peruzzi to trend inorder to drop a new song. Well let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for an outcome.

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