Your Boyfriend Truly Loves You If He Does These Things

Your Boyfriend Truly Loves You If He Does These Things

Love is sweet, joyous, and comforting. If only knowing that someone truly loves you is as easy as doing a nursery 2 child’s homework, many relationship would be stable today.

That said, how do you feel about your boyfriend? Do you feel loved? While there are no sure-fire way to tell if he truly loves you, some things which a boyfriend who is in truly love does have been deliberated in this article. When your boyfriend truly loves you, he will:

Includes You in His Future Plans

When your boyfriend talks about his future plans, does he put you into consideration? For example, if he talks about building a house, does he envisage the both of you living in it together? Does he talk about wedding you? While its too early to conclude that you’ve found the one you want to settle down with, your boyfriend talking about it is an indication that he truly loves you.

Gush About You on Social Media

One of the ways to know if your boyfriend loves you is if he gushes about you and uploads pictures of the both of you on social media. While many guys may have varying reasons not to do this, if your boyfriend happens to do so, then there is no doubt that he loves you because it’s an indication that he’s proud of you and that other girls should stay clear.

Not Initiate Sex When You First Meet

The very thing girls are scared of is if all a guy wants is to have sex with them and then dump them in a thrash can. It’s normal to have those fears. However, if on the first time you visit a guy he doesn’t initiate sex, it’s most likely a pointer that he’s more interested in you as a person and not just your body.

He Gives Without You Asking

With the rate at which naija girls are termed gold diggers in our world of today, it’s not surprising to see a guy being mindful of how he spends or decide not to spend at all. Amidst all this, if your boyfriend buys you gifts and tops your account without you asking, then there’s no doubt that he truly loves you. After all, nobody wants to spend on someone whom they don’t love.

Apologize Without Hesitation

What a guy who’s in love is most scared of is losing his true love. So, if your apologizes for all his wrongs, and without hesitation, then he truly loves you, given that we have many naija guys who are egoistic and wouldn’t give a damn how you feel if they wrong you.

Having through the most common things a boyfriend who’s truly in love does, can you say that your boyfriend does these things? Can you tell if he truly loves you then? Let is know in the comments section.

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