UPDATE: Why Bishop Oyedepo’s US Visa was Approved after Initial Denial

Right after there was a lot of frenzy that Bishop David Oyedepo of Faith Tabernacle was rejected a visa, there is fresh news adding colour to the earlier event that Bishop Oyedepo has been reoffered the US Visa over a phone call.

Over a phone call? You may ask. Definitely, these things are possible due to the class of some citizens and how prominent they are.

Here are some of the reasons why he was most likely reoffered the Visa:

1. We all make mistakes: Do you know that white people also make mistakes? And this happens across various spheres. It is very possible that the visa officer made a big error by denying the Bishop the visa, being that he had been travelling since the 80’s and had never flaunted any of their rules or regulations.

The visa system generally rewards those who are obedient and follow instructions than those who disobey. The Bishop who has a private jet consistently preaches in his church every Sunday, which means no matter where he travels to during the week, he still appears on Sundays back in Nigeria.

I believe there was an error in judgement based on the refusal. And it was immediately rectified by the superiors in this case.

2. Everyone hates bad press: The large numbers of applicants being rejected by the US embassy after spending loads of money has been quite a lot in recent times.

Especially with President Donald Trump’s sanction to limit the high numbers of visitors that don’t return to their country, Nigerians have faced the brunt of the stick.

So think of the fact that many Nigerians are already scared of going to the US embassy, with stars like Bovi also being rejected? With Bishop Oyedepos rejection, many would have ceased from approaching the US embassy ever again.

The US is also in Nigeria to make money, with the amounts of people applying from Nigeria to escape, and get denied, the US is making a healthy profit, outside.of those tourist who travel to the US and spend loads of money in their country.

How about the other international students that need to pay expensive school fees in the US?

They need the money. So by reoffering the visa to the Bishop, it means they can have Nigerians believe getting their visa is possible.

3. Rejection is not final: One thing most Nigerians are used to is being rejected and not trying again. That you are rejected a visa doesn’t mean you still can’t be given. There are people who were approved upon the 3rd try, some were on the 8th try.

I am definite the Bishop would still have been given the visa if he reapplied.

It was great that they took the initiative to turn it around and give him the visa.


I hope this brings light to the situation?

Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section and let’s hear you out

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