Buhari May Never Win Boko Haram

Nigeria has been in the mess of Boko Haram terrorism for over a decade now. No remedy yet. Dead tolls as bloodletting reigns on the street of Borno, and its environs.

When in actual sense, Boko Haram is an enterprise. Remember: a body which nominated our current president to represent its interest in a proposed dialogue with FG in 2014, was the one its then trusted nominee promised us to fight prior to the poll. To reduce to dust. And of course, we had no choice than accept the bow to the patent lies of politicking.

Aside the talks on how the military are funded. Sorry. I mean how those at the battlefront are encouraged. The fraud in the provision of arms and ammunition. The corrupted castle Buhari himself, built with mere spittle in his war against corruption. Imagine the trauma seeing colleagues reduced to pieces by explosives and, updated sophisticated weapons. Ordinarily because those atop the Military itself are having money-inflated ‘potbellies’ with fund meant for arms deal. And despite this, our gallant soldiers still choose to fight.

Now to the issue of repentance. That’s where Buhari gets it wrong. A stupid move culpable of demoralizing gallant soldiers at the war front. While widows of deceased soldiers are also dying, you’re releasing the killers of their joy – tagging them repentant. And the battle continues.

And very soon – shouod the new bill finally got passed on the floor of the National Assembly, boko haram as an organization would become a registered agency of government under Buhari. It’s indeed a good way to appreciate their efforts prior to 2015 election – and to appease the gods in their hearts and those on their devilish earth – for continuing killing our innocent soldiers and the ‘presidential’ approved move against an overpopulated Nigeria.

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