Tyson Fury sings ‘American Pie’ in ring after Deontay Wilder victory

Tyson Fury sings ‘American Pie’ in ring

Tyson Fury sang Don McLean’s ‘American Pie’ in the ring after he beat Deontay Wilderto become the WBC heavyweight champion.

The Gypsy King was the dominant force from the first bell until the last when he entered the ring on Saturday night, knocking Wilder down to the canvas twice en route victory.

Once the fight was waved off by referee Tony Weeks, jubilant scenes were a picture of the Fury corner as he realised victory.

Speaking after the fight, Fury paid respect to Wilder before singing to the adoring fans at the MGM.

“I want to shout out Deontay Wilder, he came out here tonight and showed the heart of a champion. I hit him with a clean right hand and dropped him, he will be back and be a champion again. But I will say the King has returned.”

“I told everybody with a pair of ears, I’m coming. I came in solid, I’m a destroyer. Not bad for pillow fists, eh? I’m a man of my word. I told Deontay Wilder, I told his whole team I’m going for a knockout.

“He has dynamite in his hands, he’s a hell of a performer. People always write me off, they look at my fat belly, my bald head. I went to Germany to beat Klitschko, I was out of the ring for three year and I told him he wasn’t fighting no bum this time.

“I expect him to ask for the third fight, he’s a warrior and I’ll be waiting. It has to happen at the Raiders stadium, in front of 70,000.”

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