Just In: Davido Get New Ambassadorial Deal


Nigerian Pop Star Davido has signed an ambassador deal with a real estate company, Pennek.

Davido made this known to his Instagram followers by sharing a video of himself telling the public to avoid anything risky when it comes to making real estate investment.

He went on to reveal to the public, for the first time, where he and his 30 Billion Gang have been investing their money and making great returns all the while.

Here is Davido’s video on his IG Celebrating

Meanwhile In another development, The Pop Star, Davido has made a strong statement on anybody who tries to marry Chioma and take his son –

Naija News Understands that Davido’s words were in response to a Twitter follower who said that as Chioma is still his fiance, anybody who snatches her could also get the son

Here is the tweet and reaction as folows below



To all my single niggas out there .. Don’t try to fuck her , make her want to fuck you …




he will die https://twitter.com/Mosco67196509/status/1230872369029435393

Replying to @davido

Are you married? You are still on higher purchase. Till you do the necessary things as Igbo tradition demand. If another man marry your wife at this point you will loose your son to that man. That is our tradition bro.

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