How to date a girl without spending money

How to date a girl without spending money

Now this is really lucrative, i was once in my uncle’s bookshop when a young man bump in, as I approached him, he stretched forth a paper to me and to me he was looking for that book.

I was amazed, this guy wanted a book that would teach him to date a girl without spending a dime. Well today i have been able to come up with a few ways to do so. And if you got any idea you could probably drop them in the comment box for the benefit of others.

1. Be Original : there is no need forming big when you do not have cash to spend, most times my girlfriend wamts to go on a date and unfortunately it happens that I am broke at that point in time. All i do is to let her know the truth, that i am still and hustler and at this point i do not have cash for fun. Simple

2. Make her laugh : Now forget the saying that girls always need money, the truth is that some girls always need money. Most girls would want to have a guy who they will never have a dull moment with. If you are very comic, you could try making them laugh and smile a lot.

3. Be a clown

4. Never brag about past glories

5. Take her as your friend and not your wife : most guys are fond of this, they expect their girlfriends to was their cloth, sweep their houses and even great their mother with their knees down. But the truth is if you nor get money hide your face.

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