Knocks, praises greet Oyemykke’s statement on Fireboy


Nigerians on Twitter have taken both sides of the debate over a statement by social commentator, Abisoye Olukoya Michael, popularly known as Oyemykke, that pop singer, Fireboy DML, was not putting out his face to the public the way he should.

Oyemykke, while playing one of Fireboy’s musical videos, said in a video posted on Instagram on Wednesday that the artiste needs to work on his brand as much as he works on his songs.

Nigerians on social media have sent knocks and praises to Oyemykke over the statement.

See some of their reactions below:

AJ | Adonai@mrmanhere_

Oyemyke told the truth about Fireboy and him not having an image of his own. For someone wth one of the hottest albums in Nigeria, he’s doin a poor job sellin his brand

8 in 10 Nigerians wouldn’t recognize Fireboy if he walked past them and that’s where he really needs to fix up


There are some artistes Nigerians shouldn’t be saying they can’t identify; Artistes like Fireboy, Rema & Joeboy. Someone who has access to the internet and Cable TV should be able to identify them easily ‘cause they are the hottest right now. It’s even easy to identify Blaqbonez

Trouble Maker 😒 (G.O)@ObongRoviel

What He said is the truth!!

Fireboy needs better branding, A friend keeps confusing him with Joeboy

Same thing happens to some influencers here, we know your tweets we don’t know what you look like


Oyemykke had this to say about FireBoy

Thoughts ???


Fireboy just blew last year & still adjusting to fame, only a clown will expect him to portray an obvious identity this quick, saying you can’t recognize him is beyond laughable too, even olamide evolved with time in style and looks Olamide >> young erikena >> Baddo


Someone please show him how to download instagram app so he stops bothering us that he couldn’t identify fireboy . all na for clout jare, the nigga jes won trend and e don trend ….

View image on Twitter

Omoniyi Israel@_omoissy

Oyemykke to an extent made sense but what’s baffling me is that Fireboy’s video was playing right in front of him and he said he doesn’t know what Fireboy looks like. Fantabulous! 😂

OMOTAYO Of Lagos 🇳🇬@Tee_Classiquem1

Aside me, who else have a difficult time differentiating between joeboy and Fireboy 🤔

jendor 😎@_Jendor1

Lmao,who knows what sia ,daft punk,marshmellow looks like? Baba come of it kor. The good music is the target


Once you see sia’s wig you know it’s her, once you see daft punks helmet, and marshmello’s head thing you’ll know it’s them, Fireboy doesn’t have a trademark look, and his face isn’t out there enough. I think oyemyke has a point.

Your Daddy@ToyosiGodwin

Oyemykke can’t recognize Fireboy. Lmao. Even pointing to a TV with Fireboy’s face on the screen. Yet, he doesn’t know him. Na dentist dey do that guy glass. E sure me

Stoned Mind@its_Tobiloba

You’re definitely NUTs, if you can’t differentiate between Fireboy and Joeboy.. Don’t you have TV at home .. don’t you have IG account .. Both dude look nothing alike, the only similarity is the *Boy* and dread

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