Watch Roddy Ricch’s Video for ‘The Box’

While “The Box” remains the No. 1 song in the country, Roddy Ricch brings his smash single to life in the epic music video.

The cinematic clip, which he directed with Christian Breslauer, opens with Roddy behind the wheel of a Mustang as he furiously races through the streets before leading his basketball team to a victory. His action-packed adventure continues as he busts open a safe, scales a burning building, and lays on a raft in an ocean full of sharks. The “2020 president candidate” then takes the podium at the White House while running his drug-dealing empire in the next scene. The three-and-a-half-minute clip ends with Roddy stepping inside a glass box at a museum.

“The Box” remains No. 1 for a seventh week on the Billboard Hot 100, while his debut Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocialcontinues to dominate the albums chart. The former chart-topper slides 1-4 this week on the Billboard 200 with 70,000 equivalent album units.

Roddy recently shared the inspiration behind the hit, which he recorded in NYC after knocking out eight or nine songs. “I made the song and then I put the little door noise at the end, after the song was done,” he told Billboard. “They thought it was finished, but I knew it wasn’t done. So, yeah. My inspiration was my life, I guess you could say.”

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