Coronavirus: Lady accuses Abuja hotel of discriminating against her Italian husband (Video)

A lady has called out CasaLinda hotel Abuja for discriminating against her husband because he is an Italian.

According to the lady, she and her husband made a 4 nights reservation in CasaLinda hotel Abuja but it was cancelled because the husband is an Italian even after they tried to proof they have not been in Italy in the last 6 months.

Mitchelle Iannone recounts the incident on her social media page, she wrote;

Last week hubby and I made a hotel reservation for 4 nights at CasaLinda hotel Abuja, through bookings. Everything was paid for and finalized. Only for us to receive a shocking message and call, whilst preparing to go there this afternoon. saying our reservation has been cancelled because my husband is Italian.

“I told them the last time we went to Italy was 6months ago. This people refused and said they can’t let us into their premises because the are scared of us bring corona virus. Then to even make matters worst, they only offered to pay 70% of the full payment we made, saying 30% is non refundable. We demand a full refund and apology hotel casalinda. #saynotodiscrimination. ”

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