Black Widow trailer: ‘Holy S***’ Latest Marvel epic floors fans with INSANE action scenes #BlackWidow

BLACK WIDOW fans have been in meltdown today as Marvel’s Natasha Romanoff backstory film finally got a new and final trailer.

The new Black Widow trailer was a source of immense excitement for Marvel fans today, particularly since there has been months of draught. A rollicking video clip showing Scarlett Johansson at her very best, it depicts Natasha Romanoff and her Russian family plunged into adventure. Florence Pugh and Rachel Weisz also star, and the mysterious Taskmaster also makes an appearance.

Fans of the character know Natasha’s ending was a tragic one.

But the opportunity to dive deep into the elite fighter’s history will give those who watched Avengers Endgame the true closure they deserve.

An ominous voiceover declares: “At some point, we all have to choose between what the world wants you to be and who you are.”

“Before I was an avenger, I made mistakes….” Natasha later carried on. “And a lot of enemies.”

Black Widow: New trailer reveals Natasha Romanoff in final film

Black Widow: New trailer reveals Natasha Romanoff in final film (Image: MARVEL)

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Flocking to Twitter, fans shared their thoughts on the new clip.

“Yelena f*****g Belova! #BlackWidow,” one person exclaimed.

Another begged: “Please protect them at all cost #BlackWidow.”

“Tell me #BlackWidow doesn’t look epic you can’t I’m not listening FINAL TRAILER,” a third exclaimed.

While a fourth worried: “I don’t like where this is going I really don’t like it #BlackWidow.”

“I CAN’T WAIT PLEASE #BlackWidow,” a fifth yelled.

“Protect Yelena and Natasha at all cost #BlackWidow,” a fifth warned.

Others went into more depth with their theories, as one person speculated: “This scene in #BlackWidow is so beautiful but so sad.

“Natasha could never lead a life like Steve chose in the end because of what the Red Room made her into & did to her.

“But what Yelena says when people ask where Nat is.. it’s endearing. These two will be the death of me.”

“holy s**T taskmaster,,, i sEE YOUUU #blackwidow,” another simply said.

“I can’t remember the last time a marvel trailer gave me goosebumps like this one,” another enthused. “This a movie that has been long overdue.

“I am officially 100 per cent in! #BlackWidow @MarvelStudios.”

“This trailer finally got me hyped! #BlackWidow,” a third fan added.

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