Open letter to Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

Your Royal Highness Sir,

Yes, I’m sure I can still address you as Your Royal Highness. I have watched closely your underlying battles with the powers that be and the constituted authorities right after you ascended the throne as the Emir of Kano in 2014.

Without an iota of doubt, many who know you and have followed your antecedents closely will attest to the fact that you have a deep love for your people, you want them to be liberated from the shackles that have held them spell bound, you want them to see beyond the culture that has prevented them from competing favourably with other parts of the country and above all, knowing fully well that you mean well for them.

Most importantly, we also followed closely your utterances and bold statements regarding the almajiri menace that has held your people for a long time like a stronghold. We knew sooner than later that the powers that be would not only come after you, they would also consume you as well.

Today, we were not proven wrong. They have been after you for a while, but finally, they got to your house address and caught up with you. Nigerians will sympathise.

Nigerians will sympathise with you nonetheless, as we very well know that you mean well for your people. You have done remarkably well as it relates to the issue of Almajiri as I mentioned earlier, child marriage, polygamy and good governance, which is a major issue in the northern part of the country.

While we now welcome you into the club of wailers, we would love to let you know that since you’re passionate about your people, now may just be the time to throw your hat in the ring by running for president in 2023.

Nigerians love and appreciate you for all that you have done.

Run for President under a credible political party, and you will be surprised that you may eventually emerge as Nigeria’s president in 2023.

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