Is Ecoin real or a Scam?

Ecoin is currently the fastest growing cryptocurrency. 250,000 users have signed up to Ecoin in last 8 days. It’s growing really fast as its really simple for users to sign up and earn ecoin and refer their friends and more Ecoin.

The correct site for Ecoin is and the site looks like this ( there are many copy cats that are coming up so be careful )

Ecoin believes in the fact that cryptocurrency needs to spread far and wide so its airdropping its currency to everyone with an email, however its world’s first AI driven email based identity that stops people from creatingmultiple accounts and claiming free ecoin.

This is a revolutionary idea and there is nothing to lose anyway that is the main reason the site is growing like crazy.

Once the site crosses 1 million users they plan to list on many exchanges and people will be able to trade their ecoin for other cryptos

Ecoin’s growth is real and you can check this from the growth of Alexa chart

Rest assured , dont waste your time furthre and sign up quickly as the rewards are soon dropping from the 1000 ecoins per person to 900 Ecoins 🙂

heres’ the link

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