Cardi B responds to Jay Boogie’s request

Cardi B after her Last visit to Nigeria went back receiving a lot of vote of thanks.

Nigerian celebrities were thanking her for acknowledging their proposal and for able to see them.

Davido, Wizkid ,Burna boy and more specially thanked her and she replied saying I love Nigeria and she hopes to come back to enjoy her here.

Bobrisky, Tonto and James brown also congrated her for her visit and also asked her when next she is coming.

Jay Boogie secretly chatted cardi asking her to be her girlfriend and promising her that it will remain secret if she accepts.

Cardi B out of anger posted their chats on Instagram and asked other celebrities to tell her to stop running after her.

This case has been serious for the one month and is about create war among Nigerian celebrities and american celebrities.

Cardi B has sent warning that if jay boogie doesn’t apologize that Nigerian will face her wrath.

This is fiction.

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