“I’m in Love With Kachi” – Rosie

This morning Rosie has admitted what everyone’s been wondering about: her true feelings for Kachi.

In a conversation with Chris, Rosie listened as Chris recounted her past relationships. Even though Chris in a couple of relationships with men from different races, she has only been in love once. Chris says while she has told her partner Chrisville that she’ll fall in love with him, she’ll only give what she gets from him. Chris said falling in love comes gradually for her, and she’s not one to be in a hurry to say I love you.

To that, Rosie revealed that when Kachi first told her he loved her, he’d asked her to look into his eyes and tell him she loves him too. But she didn’t. Because it was too soon and she didn’t know that she felt that way about him. Her response to his I love you was thank you. 😄

However, she says after the Friday challenge, she looked at him and realised “oh my God, I’ve been in love with him without realizing”.

Chris asked, “do you love him or you’re in love with him?”. Rosie replied, “I’m in love with him”.

Personally I think it’s too early to be ‘falling in love’, but this isn’t my story. They seem happy, and that’s enough. Good luck to the beautiful couple.

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