See Patience Ozokwor’s Son Who Featured in A Movie Alongside His Mother.

The legendary actress Patience Ozokwor who was reported in 2018 of being a grandmother of sixteen is happy and very proud of her children especially her sons who are all hard-working and doing well in Their different endeavours.

Uchendu is the actress’s first son. He is in his thirties and hails from Enugu. He has shown that what a mother can do, a son can also do. He is married to Gloria Nweze.

He once featured in a movie ” Why to Marry” alongside her mother patience Ozokwor. The movie was released in 2016. It was a collaboration movie between Cameroon and Ghana. Patience Ozokwor was the lead character alongside her son Uchendu.

Other actors who featured in the movie include; Princess Brun Njua, Vera B pride, Goretti Etchu Egbe, Njungwa Susan-kembling Oben and so many others.

Patience Ozokwo was so happy and proud to have acted alongside his son for the very first time in a movie.

We want to believe he will follow her mother’s footstep and develop the passion for acting.

We look forward to seeing more of him in Nollywood movies.

Here are the photos of our able Actress Patience and his first son. This photo was taken during the shooting of the said movie.

Photo Credit: nairaland

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