Trump, futility and the new imperialism

US President, Donald J. Trump.

US President, Donald J. Trump.

“What they [Americans] dislike most is to be reminded of the sour smell of history” Tariq Ali, The clash of Fundamentalisms, p 282.

Lots of water, if you like, has passed under the bridge. In fact, even over the bridge for Donald John Trump the 45th President of USA. “The Perfect Man” who tends to daydream that the world ought to be on his fingertips. For a “democrat” who marvels at Kim Jung-Un, the President of North Korea, that John at 74 wishes he could be conferred with his powers of all people Americans. Thus, the first wishful thinking of Donald that indicates his desire for fantasia as an American President with a finger itching to press the nuke against his perceived enemies, is to transcend over and above a maximum dictator. For John Trump, if wishes were horses, why not part of the American Constitution be expunged, in his futile thoughts to make the Legislative and the Judiciary as well as the American “freedom” redundant so that he transforms to the likes of Jung-Un. He envies the “little man” in Korea wielding so much power that Americans do not accept for Trump! The futile thoughts of John Trump as “The Perfect Man” so that he can use artillery fire to hit the likes of Bolton who dared him like Jung-Un did to his rebellious uncle.

Imagine Donald John Trump as Jung-Un Trump to deal with Iran and any anti “America first”. On French President Sarkozy why not, a hundred lashes with a horse whip on his buttocks so other EU leaders understand that “The Perfect Man” across the Atlantic Ocean is not a joker, after all. For the Pelosi, he will shut her in the Guantanamo Bay Island forever for daring to suggest impeachment move on Jung-Un of the new and branded USA. With Mullahs, he would wish to see disappear out of the mother earth, Iran and Afghanistan will cease to exist on the world map to please the Holocaust noise makers and the “rogue” Prime Minister Netanyahu facing criminal charges never seen on any previous Israeli leader.

For Africans and the South Americans, who must remain in modern slavery, those in the backyard of the “God’s own country”, whatever that means, the globalization of poverty must be their lot. Build iron and steel walls to keep off mosquitoes and rats from migrating to America. Putin, however, dismissed “The Perfect Man” as nothing but a hollow debtor lacking any sense of decency and credibility and honour unless he pays up or shut up! These Americans live on the resources of others and profiteering from the sales of weapons that result from contrived endless wars by owners of military industrial complex and contractors that live on the destruction of the assets of victims of genocide. Let them pay their debtors now so that migration will end to the futile USA. The daydreaming Americans are not living within their means with the likes of “The Perfect Man” contriving endless wars to “boost” American economy and create few callous billionaires.

What did John Trump or is it Jung-Un Trump say when Iran blew off the “sophisticated” American drone as it attempted to intrude its country. What is wrong if it is Iran first? Donald Un said, he mulled the option of committing genocide whereby 150 million Iranians would be dead in few hours. Only that these numbers were something he had second thoughts over, otherwise he would have settled the matter in 24 hours or less. With Afghanistan of course, ending the lives of 8 million Afghans for Donald John Trump would just be a matter of less than 24 hours also and he would pull out his troupes out of the endless wars to enrich owners of the Christian-Zionists industrial complexes on the blood of the retched of the earth. However, that was easier said than done.

Till date no race or religious groups have attained 5% of their evil record in terrorism against humanity. In April 1978-Jan 1979, I was away in the USA for a training with Du Pont company and which coincided with the Iranian revolution and Biden was campaigning for re-election in Delaware for Senate. The odds were against the Shah, an American stooge and the USA for the free lunch on Iranian resources.

Indeed, the late Ayatollah has made Iranians to believe that the USA controlled by the Zionists is “The Great Satan” committed to injustice to humanity and so must prepare themselves against the machinations of the “Devils”. It is difficult to see Zionists attack Iran with impunity and come out in peace. This much, “The Perfect Man” despite the stockpile of deadly weapons must think not only twice but a million times. That Israel kept attacking Iraq nuclear site and killing French citizens working on the site, would have dared the same in Iran if it were a tea party. The lies similar to 9/11 and the lies about President Saddam Husain developing Iraq nuclear weapons bogey would have been manufactured by Israel and orchestrated in the Zionists mainstream media and sold to the US and the UK establishments to invade Iran.

In fact, Israel will have been the terrorist spoilt kid to do the bidding. But such a futile exercise that would send dead British and US in bags back home and deal the destructive blow on Israel is a futile exercise that the arrogant Zionists lack the will. The Israelis had the bitter pills from the Hezbollah when they attempted to invade Lebanon with special tankers but which the Iranian made bullets destroyed easily and they had to retreat after losing several Israeli soldiers out of futility. Easier targets like Syria and Yemen with the Arab stooges petro dollars spent by the US became sweet honey for the greedy “Judeo-Christian” ruling class. Now the futility of “The Perfect Man” Jun-Un after giving failed matching orders to the world to move their embassies to Jerusalem has come with another gimmick called “Middle East Peace Plan”.

It is instructive that even the Zionist allies who claim Christianity and partly instrumental to “killing 6 million Jews” will have none of US-Zionist futile US embassy Jerusalem move. Each of the architects of contriving terror and misery for others is facing nemesis for his misdeeds before he dies in disgrace. Is it mere coincidence the simultaneous criminal charges for Trump and Netanyahu? The Palestinian President Abbas has come out boldly to severe relations with the US and Zionism. That the Arab League has concurred with him and has rejected the deceit of the deceptive and “criminal” duo and the OIC on the futile Mideast plan? Whether the Arab and Palestinians conservative ruling class used as “Jew boys” like the US-EU have the stomach to be patriotic and defend their heritage and fight the unjust, US-Zionist agenda remains to be seen.

The Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, has exposed the futility of the Trump Presidency as an untrustworthy to do a deal with. This much would appear to prove the late Ayatollah Khomeini’s charge that the USA is a “Great Satan”, As Muslims, we wonder the bad press from the Zionist controlled media that if indeed, the Zionist claim that “6 million Jews” were massacred by the “White Christians” then why blackmail Muslims? The question is, is it out of cowardice or greed for compensation that the Zionists are silent? And who is the real terrorist?

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